In the spring of 2015, we launched Operation Turnkey, a new initiative to accelerate progress on a new MLS-caliber soccer specific stadium.  Our goal was to complete five key activities by the end of 2015 that would make us “turnkey ready” to build the stadium the moment MLS awarded us a team:


- Feasibility Studies: COMPLETE

- Predevelopment Team: COMPLETE

- Site Control: COMPLETE

- Concept Design and Cost Estimate: COMPLETE

- Preliminary Term Sheet: COMPLETE


Produce studies that further demonstrate Sacramento’s viability and competitive advantages as an MLS market.


Economic Impact Study:  Capitol Public Finance Group released “The Critical Mass Report,” a new analysis of the estimated economic impact of the development of the new stadium.   VIEW REPORT   VIEW PRESS RELEASE


Market Study:  Conventions, Sports & Leisure (CSL) released a new market analysis assessing the viability of the Sacramento market as home to a Major League Soccer team.   VIEW REPORT   VIEW PRESS RELEASE





Identify a world-class team of sports and design professionals with deep expertise in project management, design, planning, engineering, and related activities.


Project Manager (Legends):  Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings, LLC (SSEH) engaged Legends, a nationally renowned firm, as project manager to lead the development of the stadium.   VIEW PRESS RELEASE


Architect (HNTB): SSEH also hired HNTB as Lead Architect to design the proposed stadium. The decision represents the culmination of a highly competitive selection process that included several leading national and international sports architecture firms.   VIEW PRESS RELEASE




Complete definitive documents required for full control of the soccer-specific stadium site.


Sacramento development firm Downtown Railyard Venture LLC:  A partner of SSEH secured full control of the Downtown Sacramento Railyards, setting the stage for a new era of development that will include the stadium as well as a new hospital, a university institute, and thousands of homes.



Complete conceptual renderings and cost estimates for the new stadium informed by input from ownership, staff, fans, partners, elected officials and the general public.


Concept Design: After a thorough public engagement plan that gathered an outpouring of fan and community input through focus groups and surveys, HNTB released the concept design of a world-class stadium that is unique to Sacramento, while offering an authentic soccer experience.


Cost Estimate:  As the Preliminary Term Sheet identifies, SSEH will fully finance the estimated $180 million in stadium project costs. The City and other public agencies are committing the estimated $46 million in backbone infrastructure already completed (e.g. roads, sidewalks utilities, etc) on the site, which has been long envisioned as a perfect site for a catalyst project such as a soccer stadium.


Preliminary Term Sheet approved:


On Wednesday, November 25, The City of Sacramento released the Preliminary Term Sheet guiding the construction of the proposed stadium. On Tuesday, December 1, City Council unanimously voted 8-0 to approve the term sheet, outlining the details of the construction and the partnership between SRFC and the City, and ultimately completing Operation Turnkey.    VIEW REPORT   VIEW PRESS RELEASE



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