The stadium will have the most intense and intimidating stadium experience in the league:  a place  Republic FC players love to play and visiting teams dread to visit.


Steep Rake:  The seating bowl rake is designed to be the steepest in Major League Soccer

(approximately 32 degrees) providing great sight lines and a unique and intimidating atmosphere

that puts fans close to the action.


Closed Bowl:  The seating bowl will wrap around the pitch on all four sides and be continuous, with

minimal breaks, further enhancing the apparent steepness of the stands, and focusing fan chants onto the pitch.


Continuous Roof:  The stadium roof will wrap around the entire stadium, providing shade to the

majority of the seats and further capturing and retaining fan energy and intensity.


The stadium will highlight and celebrate the best of Republic FC and the Sacramento region:


The Star:  The exterior appearance and building structure is based upon Republic FC’s logo: the star.  The result is a stadium that could only be home to this team, showcasing the team’s brand to the outside and, quite literally, supporting the fans in the stands.


Tree Canopy:  The stadium also pays homage to Sacramento’s urban forests and famed canopies.  From the concourses, tree-like structures grow

at the stadium’s perimeter while from within the bowl.  The continuous roof canopy also provides shade to protect the fans from sun and



The Railyards:  Materials used to build the stadium will reflect its location within the historic Railyards district.  Close proximity to light rail and

activation of the plaza on event and non-event days will further strengthen the stadium’s connection to the broader Railyards development.


Agriculture:  Site and landscape design, along with local food vendors and concessions, will pay  homage to Sacramento’s agricultural heritage.







The stadium draws ideas from some of the best football stadiums in the world:


Four Neighborhoods:  The stadium borrows the concept of neighborhoods from traditional English Premier League stadia like St James’ Park and

Stamford Bridge.  Many of these venues were built stand-by-stand over time, imbuing each stand with its own identity and fan base.  The new

Sacramento Republic FC stadium will have distinct stands and seating areas giving each its own identity while giving the overall stadium a distinct



Wall of Fans:  The stadium also seeks to create loud, intimidating stands, much like the Yellow Wall at the Bundesliga’s Westfalenstadion (home of

Borussia Dortmund).  It is said that when Dortmund’s Yellow Wall sways and sings; the other three sides watch in admiration. In that spirit, instead

of splitting the Sacramento stadium into a lower and upper bowl, the two sections are combined at the east stands to create a massive wall of fans

in direct view of the main television cameras.


Hinchada:  The stadium design is also inspired by the concept of the “hinchada” common in South American soccer stadiums.  Hinchada refers to

soccer supporter groups who live and breathe soccer and are fanatical about their home team.  Their objective is to get organized for all home

matches to show support, motivate the crowd, and sing songs throughout the match to create a home pitch advantage.  In that spirit, the new

stadium will have special stands, a separate entrance and club, and cantilevered standing-room-only decks to give Sacramento Republic FC

supporters their own spaces to gather, chant and root for their team.







·  Project will double the size of downtown Sacramento


·  6,000 new housing units planned


·  6.8 million square feet of new office and retail space





For nearly 45 years, HNTB has been a national leader in the design of professional and collegiate sports facilities and ranks among the nation’s top sports design firms.  HNTB has been the designer for notable projects such as Sacramento’s Raley Field, Levi's Stadium® for the San Francisco 49ers, the Orlando Citrus Bowl, Cal Memorial Stadium for the University of California Berkeley, Sports Authority Field for the Denver Broncos and Michigan Stadium.  HNTB’s designers are dedicated to the creation of innovative sports-anchored destinations that draw inspiration from their context and community, and are transformative and authentic.  Their approach to design elevates the experience for fans of all ages and helps foster enduring loyalty, pride and passion for the home team.  For more information,

visit http://www.hntb.com/Expertise/Architecture.


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